Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lake Oliver Day 2...

I had originally intended to do the small lake reports as one post. The reason this post will be seperated into two different posts is because the fishing was completly different from one to the other. We fished here on Friday, the second day of fishing here is the following Monday. The conditions have changed completly.

This is the second installment of the Lake Oliver, Columbus GA report.
The water was still in the 70 degree area
Crystal Clear

Today was the roughest water I have encountered while in a kayak. The Weather Channel had issued a wind advisory for the entire day, NW winds at 26Mph and gusts at 40-45 Mph, it was serious  business.


This time instead of putting in and going to the left which takes you to the main lake, we went to the right and stayed inside the long cove trying to find some protection from the wind. The attempt to get on the water at daylight didn't work out as planned, the day got underway about an hour after daybreak. The cove was still choppy, but definatly workable, we began with some topwater but couldn't get any action that way. I made my way around a sharp bend to the right and saw that the back of the pocket contained a bridge and let to some really skinny water. This was a perfect location to stay out of the wind and catch some shallow water fish. Once back there is was really a sweet looking spot. The bridge was low and made it non-accessable to powerboats. I threw a shakey head here with a 4.5 in robo. This seemed to do the trick, third cast bam there is a small but extremly eager fish to the boat. After about twenty min we decided to try the mainlake again. I did manage one more on the shakey head on the way out.

Back on the main lake we just drifted and threw lipless cranks, squirt managed one solid fish. We continued to try this and jerkbaits but didn't have anymore takers.  A little discouraged we decided to fight the mainlake and make it back to the cove that we had so much luck in the Friday before. This is where the fun began, the water was ROUGH... I mean whitecaps everywhere. We managed to fight the water and make it back to the cove, but still didn't manage anyfish. Still discouraged we fought the water back and fished the shoreline with the shakey head. I got the rig hooked up in some brush, went to unhook the mess and somehow managed to break my spinning rod, A GREAT QUANTUM ROD. Snapped in two, I wasn't doing anything excessivly rough, but now I am holding a busted rod.

From here I decided it was time for me to call it a day.

Overall Lake Oliver is a solid place to kayak. The lake offers some great fishing, it has a place to fish mostly any technique that you like, deeper water, great coves, and skinny water that you will certianly be the only one there. Get out and try the lake for yourself, catch some quality fish.

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