Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lake Oliver, Columbus GA


Water- 71 and Crystal Clear

Inatially today was going to be a "Pre-Fish" day to search for spots that would hold fish, and this report would not be done until we fished the lake on Monday. The problem with that is we caught some really nice fish.

A smaller lake on the Chattahoochee River system in Columbus Georgia, this lake is an awesome place to fish. When you drive up to the lake, the entrance gets you excited and ready to hit the water. You put in at the Lake Oliver Marina, inside they have a small but nice selection of fishing lures, line, and combos. They also have a kitchen that serves breakfast and lunch. I was really impressed with the set-up here.

The view from the open roof top of the marina.

Back to the fishing, once you launch, you have two choices, there is a long cove to the right, and the main lake to the left. The cove to the right goes back a long way, its lined with houses and has a few blow downs.

The main lake opens up to the left, when you paddle out about 100 yards, you will begin to see the dam on the left. The main lake goes around a point to the right, there are dock houses and brush covering the shoreline. Keep going down the right side of the lake and there will be a few coves. Half way back into the coves is where the fishing was HOT. Lipless cranks were getting the job done...

Squirt hauling in the first fish of the day.
I quickly answered, the back and forth went on all day.


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