Saturday, October 13, 2012

Installing a Hatch

Squirt has a Heritage Angler 10' sit on top kayak, the yak comes pretty well stocked with features that are very useful, but we did find a need for access to the area behind the seat so we decided to install a hatch. Went online and found a hatch that would fit in the area that was avaible, upgraded shipping and badaboom, time to install.

This is our own How-To.

Tools Needed-

Hatch (Whatever size fits your needs, the rest of the tools with fit mostly all applications).
Stainless Steel Hardware- We used 3/8 phillips head bolts and nylock nuts.
3/8 Inch Wrench
Phillips Head Screwdriver
Lexel- Sealant
Dremel Tool with Cutting Bit
5/64 Drill Bit

We first placed the acutual hatch on the kayak and outline the inside diameter with the sharpie. Then comes the fun part, cutting a big hole in a perfectly good kayak. We drilled a starter hole in the center to have a place to insert the cutting bit on the Dremel. The dremel tool we used has variable speed so we went with lots of power and a slow percise cut.


Once the hole is cut you then place the hatch into the hole and mark the holes for the bolts with the sharpie.

With the holes marked you use the 5/64 bit and drill the holes.

Remove the hatch plate and use the Lexel and outline the hole, cover the holes for the bolts with the Lexel to create a watertight seal.

Line up the hatch plate with the holes you have drilled and run the bolts through, using the 3/8 in. wrench and the screwdriver tighten the bolts in an everyother pattern, we used a screwdriver instead of a drill here because it would be easy to overtighten the bolts and pull them through the hatch plate.

With all the bolts tight, you can then put the lid on the hatch and you now have access to the area behind the seat for gear storage.

Finished Product.

Special Thanks to MR TOD GRAHM for the use of the shop.

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