Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bartletts Ferry (Lake Harding)

Lake Harding is a really awesome place that I hold pretty high in my coolest places to fish... My Grandfather had a house on the lake, and my father fished here as a child. I have recently been fishing this lake more than the closer alternative of West Point because of the difference in water levels. Lake Harding is managed by Georgia Power and is a "recreational" lake, so when they release water to extreme lows on West Point, Lake Harding will reamain full.
I put in at Idle Hour ramp, well I began to put in, first I pull my truck to the ramp and start getting my gear ready. I hop out of the truck and grab my rods and paddle, and decide to change lures from a buzzbait to a spook. I get the spook tied on and make a cast to set the reel, the bait hits the water, a very eager spotted bass decided to slam it. Before I have the kayak off the truck I have a fish in hand.
The rest of the day went about the same, no giant fish in the boat but had a great time catching the over-active small guys. There were six in about an hour and a half, then I decided to do some wandering and see what some other areas of the lake were looking like. I think I have found some new spots that will hold some nice bass.
Clay Hewett
Some other fish that have come from Lake Harding
Dont hate the blue warrior, had to start somewhere.

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