Sunday, November 11, 2012

Squirts Personal Best

The story behind this fish is really neat to me. My fishing buddy Squirt has been learning to use a baitcaster throughout the summer and has really become acustom to throwing with one. He started with a pinnacle, a sweet reel that did the trick, getting him use to the brake system, drag, and overall use. He then wanted to upgrade and get something of a little better quality. Se he picked out a Pfluger. The next night, with the rod spooled and ready to go, we hit the lake after work to see how he likes it. We decided the best bait would be a Rat-L-Trap to get the rod set, he makes his cast and the reel beats all expectations with the cast... Then comes the neat part, we are admiring the cast and he says, I have a fish, A NICE FISH.... we get the fish landed and its his personal best bass ever.. This hog was quite the trophy.... and needless to say, he loves the reel...

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