Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Presidential Pathways... Mid Ga is full of kayak fishing opportunities.

The awesome part about being located where I am is there are an abundance of fishing opportunitues really close by. The larger places (being West Point, Harding, Wedowee, and recently added to the list Oliver) all have some great places to catch fish. The more I fish from a kayak I am finding more smaller bodies of water that have caught my attention.

The first lake that we hit was Lake Oliver in Columbus GA. It is a smaller lake in comparison to West Point or Lake Harding but it is still a huge amount of water to cover in a kayak. That being said I have found some even smaller places to fish that I will be trying to pull some fish out of soon.

Big Lazer WMA

This 195-acre public fishing lake is on Big Lazer Creek Wildlife Management Area near the Flint River in Talbot County. Big Lazer Creek Public Fishing Area is on a 5,984-acre state Wildlife Management Area of the same name. The lake is 195 acres and was first opened to fishing in 1989. The lake is intensively managed to provide good fishing for bream, largemouth bass, and channel catfish. Anglers will find plenty of structure in the lake. About 15 acres of timber were left during construction. You’ll find the timber around the old creek channel and a small island. In addition, the lake is full of submerged cover. Fish attractors have been constructed and placed near the fishing pier. The upper end of the lake is shallow, averaging around 5 feet in depth. Near the dam, depths are more than 30 feet. Key species: bluegill, redear sunfish, largemouth bass, channel catfish

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Lake Meriwether
This Lake is located in Woodbury GA, the surface area is 144 acres and I have heard plenty of people talking about double digit bass being pulled out. The lake is open year round from sunrise to sunset. Another great thing about the lake is while they do allow boats they have a electric motor only rule. You won't be getting anyone blowing by you just to see how well you can handle the wake.

Update: November 30th, Temp: Low 50's, Water Temp: 51-53
Today Lake Meriwether was extremely tough, not giving up a single fish. It has been a while since we have carried the skunk home, but it still happens. We only had a few hours to fish this morning, and being the first time I have fished the lake, I don't really feel horrible about the results. This has also been the first week this year that we have awaken to see our cars and yaks covered with morning frost, the night-time lows have taken toll on the fish. In my opinion the lake is not the greatest places in the area to spend a day fishing. It is a very clean place and would be suitable to get out and paddle, but there are way better places to try your efforts at landing a trophy.

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