Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Gear for the New Year

If there is any thing being a Sous Chef in hotels has taught me, its that you can accomplish anything with the proper planning, its about 80% prep and 20% execution. Luckily catching a plane out of Atlanta headed to Colorado to feed a 16,000 person yoga week is now an uncommon experience. So in my planning for the tournament season I have brought in the 13' with some purchases from Hook1, Bass Pro, and The Outside World Columbus. I personally like the idea of spending my hard earned loot with the "local man" so I will be using Hook1 for the links to products that I have ordered.

The rigging of a kayak is one of the most fun and personable parts of fishing from these plastic platforms. I should be sponsered by Kroger by now for all the milkcrates that have been "liberated" from the loading dock.

The main thing I wanted in a kayak that a bass boat offered was a depthfinder, I am confident in my finesse fishing, the shakey head in 20' over a ledge, rockpile, or brush is a proven method that I turn to that will produce a limit quickly. I recently saw the write up Evan Howard did on using a drybox as a mounting base and running the transducer through a scupper. This is the method I used with some slight differences. I have ordered a flushmouth scotty rod holder #244 for the purpose of mounting it in the footwell of the yak, with the transducer "gooped" inside the hull the flushmount will allow me to run the wire throught the hull to the depthfinder. While not in use I will be able to store the transducer wire inside the hull and the rod holder has a sealing cap. 

I wanted to get away from the pvc pole and small lantern that I was using for an all round white lite, again Scotty has come through with a light that serves this purpose well. Its on a 20" pole which will get it above me in a seated position, so with a little luck I wont be on the business end of a propeller anytime soon. The HillJack Catfishing tournaments have a few nighttime events on the schedule, so visibility is going to be a top priority. Hook1 has this light for $10 to $15 bucks cheaper than other sites so its a good buy as well.  http://kayakfishinggear.com/scottysealightforpaddlingsafety.aspx

The next item I wanted to round out the gear for the yak was "fish grips." I have seen this used in many of the kayak fishing videos on the web and it seems really functional, I just have a hard time getting away from the net. I have used a net forever, I recently bought the frabill kayak net and it does really well, and stows easy. The problem I have run into is that I have used a net for bass and striper fishing from a boat. The frabill kayak net is a solid largemouth and spotted bass net, but the "bowl" isin't big enough for stripers. and with Kayak Wars and HillJack series coming up the nets limitations outweigh the positives. I think with a gar, catfish, and stripers on the list the fish grips seem to be a solid choice.

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