Monday, December 17, 2012

Preparing for the 2013 Tournament Season

The new year is almost upon us, closing out the 2012 fishing year has been a lot of fun and has taken me to a new level of fishing. This will be the first year where tournaments do not include the loading of 30 fishing rods into lockers, hoarding up every lure I have ever purchased, and filling the outboard tank with a couple hundred bucks worth of fuel.

Preparing for a tournament season from a kayak is something totally new, that is why I am starting this task so far in advance. Looking forward to the schedules for the upcoming season, there are still a few tournament groups that are still working out the final details.
I plan to fish tournaments with a few groups this year, one being something I have never tried and that is a catfish tournament series held by HillJack Catfishing. This will be a totally new experience for myself as well as the first year they have offered a kayak division.  I have there schedule up on a previous post. Check it out, most tournaments are within an hour of the Columbus Ga. area and the kayak division is being sponsered by The Outside World in Columbus.

 Southern Kayak Anglers has been known for putting on some of the best competitive kayak fishing in the country, the roster they boast are some top notch anglers. Its going to be fun to fish against and get to know these guys this season. Last year had some sweet locations backed up with a couple of online tournaments. A few locations they have posted for the 13 season are Stone Mtn., Chatuge, and Brush Creek.

Another huge event this coming year will be the Kayak Bass Fishing Open. This event is going to be held on March 14 and 15th. The location is Santee Cooper near Monchs Corner South Carolina. Expected trunout is over 200 yaks, making this an event to be fished. They are putting up some sweet incentives to come and take part. The winner is qualified for the KBF Invitational where the 1st place is $50,000. Some awesome sponsors have also stepped up to bat for this one.

Kayak Wars will also be on the agenda this year. I think this will be an opportunity to grow as an all around angler, as the species for freshwater fish stretch beyond the bass. The immediate surrounding areas that I fish are full of opportunity to score well in this format. The 100% CPR tournament will include bass, catfish, gar, crappie and other freshwater game fish. The tournament last for the majority of the year and has team and individual rankings.

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