Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kayak Wars 2013

Fellas the 1st of February is almost upon us. Everything is prepped and the game plans have been made. I think this will be an on-going post throughout the year with updates and uploads of some of the larger fish that will be turned in via Kayak Wars.

Let me introduce the 2013 Squad. The Backwater Team has come together with Jeff Hall and Michael Anderson of YakDevils Fishing Team. The teams together will cover most of the state of GA and we plan to venture across the southeast region to fish tournaments and new waters for new species.

Jeff Hall

Jeff is the founder of YakDevils. He started the team and his blog to begin logging his kayak fishing expeditions. He had the plan of building a team for kayak wars on his mind from the beginning.

Michael Anderson

Michael is a close friend of Jeffs and they are fishing partners. These two guys hit the water together often and have some "honey holes" in their pocket to produce some large numbers each month.

Myself Clay Hewett

I am getting really pumped up for the season to begin. I didn't have a definite plan for fishing the Wars this year, that is until I talked with Jeff a few times. The points scale really makes this a tournament for the well rounded angler. I like the idea of chasing multiple species in a single day. Putting a monthly team cap on a specific species will make the teams chase more than there favorite fish.

James Whitten

James is a solid multi species fisherman, he likes his bass as much as the next, but has some secret catfishing methods sure to put some hawgs on the board.

Overall we have a solid fishing team and I think this will prove to be a great year for all 4 anglers. We will try new things and hit new waters. If nothing else we will certainly fish with new folks, make some new fishing buddies and have a good time.

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