Thursday, March 28, 2013

Give Something New A Try

Over the past couple of months my ideas of fishing have somewhat changed. I was and still am an intense bass fisherman who absolutely loves catching the green fish. I have never thought of other fish as something I would want to chase as much as the largemouth, until I hooked up with some folks that take catfishing to an entirely new level. I can't say enough for the people who I have met through HillJack Catfishing, these fisherman are dedicated to catching giant catfish. I have caught that bug, but I have addressed that in a previous post.
My first year of participating in Kayak Wars has also led me to go after some fish that would normally not make the list of "what am I going to catch today." I have really made the spectrum a little wider and by doing this I feel that me as an angler is growing.

I have considered myself to being a fishing addict for years now, but with the addition of kayaks and other species being added to mix, I may need to attend some group meetings! In the last 60 days I have found myself at boat ramps at 3 and 4 am, throwing cast nets to catch bait, using live and fresh cut bait, driving to Columbus a few times to hit the river to chase the skip jack as they make the yearly run, and catching BIGGER fish.

 I know that a 10 pound largemouth is something to be sought after thru a lifetime of spinnerbait throwing, but a 15 pound striper and 11 pound blue cats are nothing to be taken lightly!! Overall what I am getting at, I encourage everyone to get out and try something new. To many times I found myself caught up in catching bass and that was it. I have found new ways to get my family out on the water and having great time doing it.

Enjoy your time on the water with your family and friends, we spend time fishing in some of the greatest places on earth. Tight Lines, Clay

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