Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Catfishing From A Kayak. Tourney Win #2

I have been dormant for about a month now, sorry for any delay in getting a post up on recent outings. I can say that catfishing has taken me by surprise. During the past month I have been chasing catfish almost every day. This started when I entered the Hilljack Catfishing Kayak Division at Old Creek Town on Lake Eufaula. I was excited to enter my first kayak tournament, so with chicken livers in hand, I hit the water and somehow managed to win the tournament with 3 pounds of fish. That got me started on wanting to target bigger catfish and defend my title.

Since the first tournament, I have accomplished catching my own bait with a cast net, meaning that I bought a cast net, went to the marina after work one night and starting throwing it. The first night, I returned home with a busted lip and almost blacked my own eye, but I HAD CAUGHT BAIT. Now here we are a month later and I have bags of shad in the freezer ready to go.

I also entered the second tournament of the Hilljack season, which was held on Lake Martin, Alexander City Alabama. This tournament was the toughest fishing day I have seen in a long time. There was one fish landed by the kayakers, my 6 pound blue, and for the boats there were a total of 5 fish weighed out of almost 20 teams. I am proud to say that the blue cat was enough to put me back in the winners circle for a second time.

Now its time to get serious, the Skipjack Herring are about to make the run through Columbus GA and this is going to make for catfish GOLD. I do feel like the last month has just been the beginning to landing some giant catfish from the kayak and I think its safe to say I HAVE THE CATFISH FEVER.

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