Wednesday, September 26, 2012

So it began...

Fishing has been something I have taken part in "on and off" throughout my life. Like any hobby you will mostly get out what you put in. Over the past year or so, this has been taken to the next level... Fishing has become more than a hobby it has become a skill, something to be worked on, more to be learned. I have passed the level of the "weekend angler" that will attack the lake a couple of weekends a month by throwing a "who's name on a whatever billed crankbait." I own boats with motors and have the ability to run the lake hitting many spots a day and catch activly feeding fish. We have put the boats on the trailers, parked them, covered them, and never looked back. We have found a new way to catch fish, swapping the motor for a paddle. We have found that catching fish from a kayak is the most exciting way we have ever caught them. This will be a log of our encounters of trying to catch trophy fish from a kayak.

There are two of us on this "team," myself, Clay Hewett and my fishing partner James Whitten, or better known as "Squirt."  The purpose of making this site is to have a log of our fishing trips, support the growing sport of kayak fishing, and in the end become better kayak anglers. I will be posting results and pictures of our trips, what worked and what didn't. We will be doing our own reviews of gear, trying new things, and hopefully catching some big fish.

The shoals of the "Crow-Hop," on the Hooch below West Point Lake.

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